A Very UnCalamitous Vacation

I’m sitting at my laptop in Nashville, TN. Today is my last day here. The last “vacation” I took was to visit my old college, the one from which I dropped out in order to get my life back together. It was an amazing trip, reminding me of how far I’ve come and how proud I should be of my accomplishments.

This trip was different, though. I spent nearly four days with someone very special to me, and realized just how easy it is to live a more easy life. I mean easy in the sense that in the past few days, very little worried me and even less stressed me out. Maybe it was the fact that I was on vacation, but I’d like to credit a fair amount of it to my friend’s presence.

I know I live my life in a very strict, orderly fashion most of the time. (Although this summer has destroyed that, and as a result has thrown off my groove.) I often wonder if I’ve gotten stuck on an extreme side of the pendulum, and maybe if it’s time to let go. I think it is. I think I can keep the routines and traditions that I like, but I think I can take life less seriously, too. Sometimes it’s okay to go play in the park and then watch stupid comedies for the night.

It concerns me that even though I think this way now, that I won’t be able to take it with me. I want to so badly, but being here was like escaping my bubble. To be with someone with whom you are completely and totally comfortable and then to leave them behind is incredibly difficult to do. But he has inspired me and shown me that it’s easy to be easy, and hopefully I’ll be able to remember that.


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