The Timeless Shatner

Oh, William Shatner. I am devoting this post to you.

Most of you my age will recognize Shatner as the guy. Or from “Boston Legal” an incredible television show, whose loss I am still mourning. But Shatner was so much more than that. He starred as Captain Kirk in the original “Star Trek” series and then voiced his character in “Star Trek: The Animated Series” after the live action show was canceled. But enough of that brief history with twenty years missing.

The thing about William Shatner that I wish to applaud that he used to be a source of derision, a complete joke. And then, he embraced it. He welcomed that he is, in fact, a character. (And I don’t mean in the sense of a character to be played, just an interesting person.) He has embraced it. He is William Shatner. No one else could ever be William Shatner. Sure, he did a terrible cover of “Rocket Man” but he did it William Shatner-style. He’s a part of our pop culture now, undeniably. And I love that he can poke fun at himself while still being William Freaking Shatner.

Case and point – he appeared on Conan O’Brien to read Sarah Palin’s resignation speech beat poetry style. But it wasn’t beat poetry style – it was Shatner style. Yes, Shatner has a style all his own.

William “James Tiberius Kirk” “Denny Crane” “Priceline Guy” Shatner – I salute you.


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