Sarah Holmes & the Case of the Pinks

On Monday I was out in SoNo with my friend Greg when he said something that I’ve heard before. Quite often, actually.

“Sarah, you are such a dude.”

It’s true. I like snowboarding, rock & roll, wearing jeans and sneakers instead of mini skirts and fancy dresses, good beer, and perfecting the art of not giving a crap. Girl drama and playing games bores me. I’m blunt, straight-forward and honest 98% of the time. (Much to the dismay of many.)

However, Sarah Holmes, my sleuthing alter ego for the purpose of this blog, has discovered (and by discovered, I mean already knew) something that may blow this “being a dude” thing out of the water. With all the dark colors, comfy jeans, three pairs of Chuck Taylors, and white men’s Hanes undershirts that currently reside in my closet I do in fact have a flare of pink in my possessions. Not warm or dark pink, but bright girly pink.

Resting comfortably in my bathroom, hidden unless one is paying attention/sleuthing in my personal space, is not one, but two pink toothbrushes. I chose the color myself. My toothbrushes are about as manly as Tiffany’s pearl necklaces and Manolo Blahnick crystal studded stilettos heels. Combined.

So, dear Greg and other friends, perhaps I am not as much of a dude as previously assumed. We all have our little secrets.


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