(500) Days of Summer: The Review

Since I first saw (500) Days of Summer in pre-production on IMDB.com I have wanted to see it. This (possibly) transcends my hopeless adoration of Zooey Deschanel, but just because of the simple concept. As the film posters state: “This is not a love story. This is a story about love.” And it’s true, it’s bittersweet and refreshing.

I rarely call films perfect. Almost Famous, yes. But not most films. This film was perfect. From the colors (frequent use of blue) to the changing of mediums (occasionally incorporating sketches as images, type of film used), to the dialogue, to the acting right down to the soundtrack – everything was perfect. The soundtrack was a Cameron Crowe quality soundtrack and I believe that no one can put a soundtrack to a film quite like Cameron Crowe.

Aside from the outstanding aforementioned qualities of the film, there’s another level. The sign of a perfect film, in my opinion, is that when the film is over, even though it was complete fiction, it felt like my life. It had absolutely no connection to me in the slightest but it felt like my life. It was everyone’s life. Everyone’s experiences and everyone’s heartbreaks.

Tom and Summer, the main characters, are special and unique, but at the same time are the archetype of all of us. (Young or old.) Those of us who don’t believe in love or fate and those of us who believe in the one. (Yes, that was over simplified.)

Personally, I think I’m Summer. But then again, maybe I’m Tom.

I recommend this film without any trepidation or worries to everyone.



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