Summer Music

Disclaimer: LFO’s “Summer Girls” is completely barred from this list.

Every summer, I have music that I love. Some summers are entirely centered around one artist, some summers have a rotation of favorites, but every summer has its sound.

In Summer 2006, I had an internship in Greenwich, and it was a beautiful summer. Greenwich was a 30 minutes venture down the parkway from my parents’ house. For 60 minutes every day (round-trip), I have fond memories of blue skies and sunshine, open windows on my Hyundai Elantra, listening to Tom Petty’s “Highway Companion.” Side note: I’m completely over that album. (Said with a shallow, high school air.)

I’m a little unclear on Summer 2007. Most of my summer music exists within my car, and I was working at Borders, about 8 minutes from my parents’ house. So, there wasn’t enough time for a particular love of music, and no particular sunshine-filled times of day in which to enjoy music in my car.

Summer 2008 was a rockin’ summer. Literally. I was taking care of two absolutely intolerable children, so time in my car free of them absolutely demanded loud, loud music. Summer 2008 was Kaiser Chiefs – “Yours, Truly Angry Mob” and The Libertines – “A Time for Heroes.” I’m 80% sure there was a little Beck – “Modern Guilt” throw in there occasionally, but only for the benefit of the intolerable children and shutting them the hell up.

And now we come to this summer. Summer 2009. And what a summer it was — full of rain and gloom and summer classes and.. and.. yes, it’s been a terribly dull summer. But this summer was the proud owner of The Virgins – “The Virgins”, The Wombats – “A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation” and a whole lot of Dirty Pretty Things – “Waterloo to Anywhere.” Now, before you accuse me of being a one genre kind of girl, let me allow wikipedia to defend me. This website, a paragon of accuracy, defines the Virgins as dance-rock, The Wombats as indie rock (I disagree), and Dirty Pretty Things as British post-punk revival. So I will thank you to take a moderately long pause and refrain from pigeon-holing me. (Is that actually a verb?)

So, now I have a question for you — my blog followers and Twitter followers who will be linked to this entry —

What is your summer music today? And what is the summer music of your past?


5 responses to “Summer Music

  1. My summer music would have to be Spring and a Storm by Tally Hall.

    Hope that helps 😀

  2. 2006 – OAR, Authority Zero, Slightly Stoopid, Jack Johnson
    2007 – Chili Peppers, Authority Zero (again), Bad Religion (revived from HS years), and a mix i made to remember college
    2008 – Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, and a world of other ska
    2009 – Stars, Carbon Leaf, Wombats, various British indie/rock bands

  3. This summer:
    *The Ting Tings’ “We Started Nothing” album (yes, I know it’s a year old, but I got it back in May)
    *Parliament’s “Tear the Roof Off: 1974-1980” compilation (hey, I’m a funk soul brother…)
    *and MC Lars’ “This Gigantic Robot Kills” album (also came out a few months ago, but got it in June)

    All Time–just a few:
    Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life” album–of course,
    Billy Stewart and Big Brother & the Holding Company’s versions of “Summertime”
    The Isley Brothers’ version of “Summer Breeze”
    Dick Dale (of “Miserlou” fame) & other innocent oldies (nostalgia for a time that for all I know never existed)
    Dunproofin’s “Alphaboot” mash-up:—al.html (you couldn’t get more 80s if you tried :-P)
    and almost anything that was on alternative radio in the summer of ’96: best summer of my life (Beck, No Doubt, Sublime, and a parade of 1-hit wonders, heh)…

  4. Also, Sarah, thanks for introducing me to Hot Hot Heat a few years back; I associate them with summer too.

  5. It was a throwback summer for me. For those of you who haven’t discovered yet, it’s life-changing. Jon, my co-clerk at work, and I both listened to it while writing memos, motions and complaints. We took to emailing each other when particularly nostalgic 90s songs came on–“Nightswimming,” REM, “Say It Ain’t So,” Weezer, “Champagne Supernova,” Oasis–and predicting how epic our weekends would be based on Pandora’s Friday selections. Great game. And pretty accurate.

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