A Word for Johnny Cash

Who saw the movie “Walk The Line”? I did. It was excellent. It introduced me to the music of Johnny Cash which I have since carried close to my heart. Music critics will define him as a country singer, but I think he transcends country music and genre specifications entirely.

Johnny Cash writes songs that make heartbreak understandable and bearable. The pain in his voice is the pain you feel, and even though he has long since passed, you know he understood you. I first thought this when he covered Nine Inch Nail’s song “Hurt” after his wife had passed. I felt it again in the car today listening to “Solitary Man”.

I have mentioned in prior posts that I give great credit to a movie that, when it’s over, feels like your life and everyone’s life. I’d like now to give the same credit to Johnny Cash’s music. He gave new life and new perspective to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” You can sit in your car or on the floor of your apartment and just know that you’re not alone. Such is the power of Johnny Cash’s music.

And knowing that someone, even though you and he had nothing in common, has felt the same way you have — it makes you feel far less alone in the world.


One response to “A Word for Johnny Cash

  1. Actually, his wife wasn’t dead at the time he recorded that song and the album was released. She actually appears in the video for “Hurt”–reluctantly from what I understand.

    And regarding the country genre, I agree with you but, along with Elvis, he *is* one of the only 2 people to be inducted into both the Country and Rock and Roll Hall of Fames. 😉

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