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Sometimes I Pretend I’m Fashionable: The Jeans Edition

Crossposted on my tumblr.

When it comes to fashion, I’m the anti-couture I’ll tear through fashion magazines in awe, but always finish with a defeated, “Well I can’t wear that” and immediately throw on the nearest pair of jeans. (Usually on the floor. Secret’s out.)

Living perpetually in jeans of some variety of a beat up white Hanes v-neck is getting old. One’s early twenties are a time for self-expression, right? Or catharsis. Or scrimping funds, necessitating the jeans and t-shirt thing.

Slowly and surely I’m waking from my boring stupor and into another world of jeans and t-shirts fashion. I like to call it the “I Wish People at Work Would Stop Asking Me What High Shool I Go To” approach. I couldn’t ever part with my jeans. So what exactly can a girl do to look her age instead of a mid-pubescent frump?

Upon my recent acquisition of my first pair of “Favorite Boyfriend Jeans” from American Eagle, I had a moment. A sparkling fashion moment of mild genius. What can I wear boyfriend jeans with? Especially when they’re designed to look like I stole them from my boyfriend. And then it hit me, a beautiful, denim-scented epiphany. V-neck t-shirt (not Hanes), fitted blazer, boyfriend jeans, and Chuck Taylors. I was proud of this discovery, patted myself on my blazered back, and moved on.

This would be the end of my tale, a sense of fashion discovery from a fashion failure, but it’s not. (Lucky you!) I was casually clicking through my favorite gossip blogs and saw a snapshot of Jennifer Aniston strolling through LAX in boyfriend jeans, a blazer and a t-shirt. And dammit, if there’s any affirmation in this world, it’s affirmation from Jennifer Aniston. And so I closed my browser, with a strong sense of smug satisfaction. Truly this post is everything wrong with the blogging world, structured basically to tell you how awesome I am. But considering I usually blunder around in hoodies, I’m allowing it. It’s really more of a growing up tale, right? (Not at all.)